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In order to satisfy your knowledge, we have prepared questions and answers for important issues. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to be able to answer your questions at any time. Please read the FAQ before sending a query to our support team. To contact the Support Team you can send an e-mail using the form below, or call the call center.

1. General Questions
1.2. How can you ensure so high returns?
1.3. How long you are in the business?
2. Account Management
2.1. Who can become an investor of miningofbits.biz?
2.2. How do I sign up miningofbits.biz?
2.3.3) Can I have more than one account on miningofbits.biz?
2.4. What if I have forgotten my password?
3. Investments
3.1. How can I invest with miningofbits.biz?
3.2. What payment methods are supported in your program?
3.3. What is the minimum and maximum amount of investment
3.4. Will you return my principal after investment period ends?
3.5. Can I make multiple deposits within the same investment plan?
3.6. Can I invest using the Account Balance?
4. Withdrawals
4.1. ) How can I withdraw money from my miningofbits.biz account?
4.2. How long does it take to complete a withdrawal?
4.3. What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?
5. Affiliate Program
5.1. What do you offer in the Affiliate Program?
5.2. Do I need to invest to start Affiliate earn with your program?
5.4. Can I use SPAM to Promote you?

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